Why Using a Mortgage Broker Over Your Bank Could Benefit You

Why Using a Mortgage Broker Over Your Bank Could Benefit You


According to the 2015 Maritz Consumer survey, Canadians clearly stated that the counsel they received from a mortgage broker exceeded their expectation compared to dealing with banks. In today's mortgage environment it's critical to not only access the lender options that are available only through mortgage brokers but also learn strategies and techniques that will make it easier to manage your mortgage if and when interest rates rise. It could save thousands of dollars in interest and undue stress. Receiving solid advice around your largest debt is critical to your long term financial security.

Your home is still the safest way over the long term to build up considerable equity tax free as the proceeds from your principal residence is exempt from tax which is a significant advantage over other investments. This is why owning your own home is considered a cornerstone of a long term financial plan.

When reviewing your financial situation, buying a home or investment property, it’s definitely the right time for real advice. Let me show you what a difference a mortgage broker can make. Call or email me today.



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