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The Spelling Manor is not only the largest home in Los Angeles, but also the most expensive residential real estate listing in the United States, priced at a staggering $150 million. Starting in 1991, socialite Candy Spelling spent four years planning and building the monstrous mansion with her late husband, Aaron Spelling, the prolific TV producer behind Beverly Hills, 90210, Charlie's Angels and Dynasty. Now, Candy is hoping to sell The Manor and downsize to more manageable digs -- namely a 16,000-square-foot penthouse in L.A.'s Century City. After three years on the market, Spelling Manor— which daughter Tori Spelling grew up frolicking in—has finally sold. So what makes Spelling Manor so special?

Well, to start, the French chateau style home is 57,000 square feet. It has 123 rooms and 27 bathrooms. The entry foyer was designed to look like the famous double staircase in “Gone With The Wind.” There’s a beauty salon. Swimming pools (yes, plural). A bowling alley, a screening room, gym, a tennis court, Rooms dedicated solely to flower arranging and gift wrapping. A library full of Aaron’s bound scripts. A “Prince Charles Suite,” where the royal once stayed. And a parking lot that fits more than 100 cars.

So, who bought the mammoth abode? A Formula One racing heiress by the name of Petra Ecclestone, who is (gulp) 22 years old. Even more baffling—this mansion will be her part-time home as she also owns a gargantuan home in London.




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