Mortgages For People New To Canada

Hi everyone, its Tony here! Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Alliance West, as most of you may know I advise & broker the set up, of home financing for anyone who is purchasing, refinancing or renewing their mortgage.

Today I'd like to talk to you about a specific mortgage product. That is new to Canada or new Immigrant mortgages. I have access to lenders who will provide mortgages to people who are new to our grand Country.

Some of the requirements for this type of financing are:

1. The client cannot have lived in Canada for more than 3 to 5 years, depending on the lender.
2. They're either a permanent residence or applying to be one
3. Most times they only need 5% down payment

4. Should have some CDN credit but if they don't we could look at a U.S. credit bureau or get a letter of credit ref. from their bank in whichever country they are from.

So if you're either new to Canada or someone that may help people get settled in Canada, give me a call so I can either qualify you or tell you more about this great home financing solution!

Again, I'm Tony Marchigiano at Mortgage Alliance West! The RIGHT BROKER FOR THE RIGHT MORTGAGE!!!


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