Mortgage Rates To Stay Low For The Next Six Months

Mortgage Rates To Stay Low For The Next Six Months

A recent article in Mortgage Broker News the author believes as do I and many leading economists that mortgage rates will stay low for at least another six months. Good news for many including those who have variable rate terms or those whose mortgages are coming up for renewal as the article explains:

"Renewing a home loan shouldn’t be too painful for the next six months according to a new report from The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. It’s predicting that the low rates should continue well into 2015 and that means those that have been used to paying at a higher rate can look forward to savings and that will be good news for the economy as a whole. CAAMP says that of the 1.35 million homeowners that have renewed or refinanced their loans during this year 1.05 million are now paying at a lower rate. Their figures also show that 16 per cent of those with a mortgage have increased the level of their monthly payments or paid a lump sum to pay down their loan faster. Another 7 per cent have increased the frequency of their loan repayments to fortnightly. Around 11 per cent have taken equity out of their home for other purposes including debt consolidation, home renovation or investments. Among first-time buyers the average down payment is 21 per cent with 11 per cent of respondents being gifted the money from a relative and 6 per cent receiving a loan from a family member."

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