Looking for a Project? 12 Vancouver Fix-Ups for Under $800K

Living in Vancouver is wonderful. It's one of the most liveable cities in the world. And the beauty of residing in a place where everyone and his cockapoo wants to live, is the opportunity it affords you to craft your perfect house from the studs up.

That's right. Because who would want to buy a nicely cared for, tastefully finished, fully maintained property in a desirable neighbourhood, when they could tackle a teardown (sorry, fixer-upper) in an up-and-coming location with few amenities but lots of character? Now, that's what makes a house a home, isn't it?

And what bargains you can find if you just lower your expectations a little, and prepare to compromise on those tiny details. Imagine: you can actually buy a single family home for under $1 million. Even for as little as $649,000. We know, right? Where do we sign?


1. 3750 Inverness St., offered at $649,000



2. 1805 E. 37th Ave., offered at $658,000



3. 4952 Chatham St., Offered at $699,000




4. 4525 Commercial St., Offered at $718,000




5. 1121 Keefer St., Offered at $719,000



6. 2981 McGill St., Offered at $725,000



7. 1850 E. 38th Ave., Offered at $748,000



8. 7433 Main St., Offered at $750,000




9. 3621 Cambridge St., Offered at $759,900




10. 3518 Williams St., Offered at $775,000




11. 617 E. Pender St., Offered at $789,000



12. 536 E. 55th Ave., Offered at $799,000



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