Green Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Meteorologists are predicting record-breaking heat this summer in Metro Vancouver. While this is good news for ice cream companies, it’s bad news for homeowners. Sticking to your leather furniture or lying awake because it’s simply too hot to sleep aren’t exactly your ideas of summer fun.  In the depths of July and August, you may be wishing you had splurged on that central air conditioning unit, but these devices are costly to our environment. They use a lot of energy, emit more pollutants into the air, and will only increase your hydro bills. 

There are plenty of green ways to beat the heat without beating up our planet, so here are Happy Stan’s green tips to stay cool this summer.

  • Use awnings, which can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 65%
  • Delay heat-generating activities like dishwashing until evening on hot days, or better yet do these by hand. Also, use a clothes line and air-dry your laundry. No fabric softener can compete with the smell of clothing dried by the sun!
  • Plant trees around the house to naturally shade you from the sun (plus they clean the air!)
  • Install white window shades or mini-blinds. Mini-blinds can reduce solar heat gain by 40-50%
  • Get a ceiling fan. These operate at a fraction of what central and window air-conditioning units require. Just remember to turn them off once you leave the room to conserve energy
  • Install shutters
  • Stick to the barbecue. Incase you needed another excuse to hit the grill, avoid cooking hot foods indoors as it will only emit more heat and cause temperatures to rise.
  • Take cold showers. If you’ve been exercising outside or you just need to cool down fast, hop in the shower for a quick rinse.

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