Debt Repayment The #1 Financial Priority For Canadians!

Debt Repayment The #1 Financial Priority For Canadians!

According to a recent poll the #1 financial priority for Canadians is paying down debt. This is why, as your mortgage broker, I not only help get you the mortgage you need; I then show you ways to get that mortgage paid off sooner rather than later. 

Things like:
Paying your mortgage on an accelerated basis
Seeking mortgages with features such as lump sum pymts, double up pymts, etc.
Doing Annual reviews and proposals on how to get their mortgage paid faster.

Of course debt repayment isn't the only goal one should focus on. There's also retirement planning; so I can definitely work in partnership with a Financial Planner to ensure the best plan of action.

So if you have a mortgage & want some advice on how to get that sucker paid off a lot sooner or are looking to buy a home & are concerned about how long you would have a mortgage for give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love the opportunity to speak with you.

Again, I'm Tony Marchigiano @ Mortgage Alliance West. The Right Broker for the Right Mortgage!


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