Because Every Room In Your House Should Make You Feel Good!

These Unexpected Home Decor Upgrades Are Simple Ways To Make You Feel Happier At Home

Because every room in your house should makes you feel good.



Everyone knows putting up a large mirror or adding a backsplash can help upgrade a space, but there's so much more you can do to turn your house into the home you've always dreamed of.


Some simple changes to decor can take your place from ordinary to Instagram-worthy. But wanting a space that looks good in pics isn't the only reason you should take out your toolbox. Every room in your house should be a place that makes you feel happy. So, if there's a space that needs a little home improvement magic to get you there, it's worth putting a little elbow grease into.


From housing tranquil spaces for meditation, to bold statement pieces that act as conversation starters, some simple redecorating can turn your home into a space where your creativity and flow can be nurtured.


Here are some unexpected home decor changes you can implement to make your place the space you deserve:


  1. Paint your front door.


Front doors often get overlooked, but they set the tone for what your guests can expect once they walk through the threshold. Make that tone a bold choice. Love the color yellow? Grace your front door with a fresh coat. Not only will it give your guests something to talk about while they wait for you to unlock the door, but it could actually boost your mood. According to a study from Vrije University in Amsterdam, adults reported feeling happier around the colors yellow and green.


  1. Hang up empty frames.


We know what you're thinking, but hear us out. Frames may have been made to be filled, but hanging them with nothing inside is even more eye-catching. They'll be statement pieces in your space that are bound to begin conversations with guests. Experiment with different texture, color and size options to find the frames that fit for you.


  1. Upgrade your shower head.


Chances are you haven't thought much about this piece in your home, but this swap won't just improve your showers. Replacing your shower head with something a little more luxurious can take your bath from tacky to transcendent. You use it every day, so you might as well splurge a little.


Having a shower head you love might make you want to take some extra time in the water, and use it as a space for meditation and contemplation. In fact, one study showed that "72 percent of people experience new ideas in the shower." You might just have eureka moment you've been waiting for thanks to your new shower head.


  1. Change your doorknobs.


This is such a quick and easy fix that often gets overlooked. If you're starting to get bored of a space in your home, remember that small details can make a big difference. You can add a pop of color to dreary furniture by adding vibrant knobs. Seriously, these little pieces of hardware will instantly add some personality to a piece of furniture you were getting sick of. Don't stop at a dresser or kitchen cabinet. Change them on interior and exterior doors, too.


  1. Pot some plants.


Add some life to your space — literally. Houseplants will help to liven up a room, making it brighter. They may even add a little tranquility to your hectic household. In fact, studies have shown that being around plants at home helped people to concentrate better. 


Not only is there a huge variety of beautiful plants, but there are tons of different ways to display them. From minimal hanging planters to massive self-watering pots, you're bound to find an option you love.


  1. Wallpaper a ceiling.


When it comes to improving your home, you may want to look up. Ceilings are too often an area of untapped potential. Wallpaper an unexpected color, intriguing texture, or beautiful pattern on the ceiling of a space you want to improve. The result can make a ceiling look higher or give the room more of an intimate feel depending on the wallpaper you choose.




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