An Investment Strategy Worth Looking At!

Has anyone heard of a Smith Manoeuvre? Yes, No?
Well, it's not a WWF wrestling move as I once thought it was when I first heard the words. It's an investment strategy to gradually convert your non-deductible debt into a deductible one. 
Unlike our friends in the States the financing on our principal residence is not tax deductible. Fortunately, the Smith Manoeuvre can turn it into a deductible loan.
If you have at least 20% down payment or 20% equity in their home you could qualify for the specific type of mortgage financing needed to benefit from this type investment strategy.

This investment strategy isn't for everyone and the benefits do not come without some risk. This is why I would always recommend discussing this with a Financial Planner if considering.

If you have any questions or would like to start discussion on the 6 steps of putting this in place please give me a call.
Tony Marchigiano,
Mortgage Consultant
Mortgage Alliance Meridian Pacific Mortgages


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